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Chaos Arena is a real time multiplayer action game built for the UTGDDC Game Making Death Match. The goal of the game is to bring back the original experience of playing games with friends without any external goals like ranks or rewards by providing simple combat playable from anywhere where internet is available.

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run the executable! Make sure to allow the network to go through your firewall if prompted.

If the game isn't loading, give it about 15 to 20 seconds because the server may be idling from inactivity. If it doesn't load after that, restart the game and try again.

If the game still doesn't load, the server may be shut down, in which case you can just contact me to start the server if you really want to try the game out <3


chaos_arena_alpha_1.0.2.zip 14 MB
submission.zip 14 MB

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